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Claim This Necklace Today When You Join Our $9/Month Bible Study Group

Claim This Limited Edition Infinity Cross Necklace For FREE - One Day Only!

Over 1,000 of these necklaces have been shipped and our supply is running out!
How Christians In {{location}} can Claim his blessings Today And Every Day
Dear Friend,

Love Jesus Christ, live in {{location}} and have just $9?

If you said "YES" - then pay very close attention...

Right now you can claim this Infinity Cross as your blessing!

You can also gift it to someone you love.  Anyone who wears this necklace can feel the warmth of Christ.

Once you claim your necklace, you'll automatically be enrolled in our $9/month membership.  Inside the membership, you will get videos about Jesus, songs you can access during the holidays (or whenever you want) and more.

At times, more videos will be added.  

Your $9 per month subscription allows you to keep access to the videos inside the membership.  

You can cancel at any time by calling 877-660-2202.

You also get access to our FREE Bible Study group located on Facebook.

Inside the group, you'll be surrounded by other Christians just like you. 

We post pictures, share stories and communicate with each other about His word.

There is power in numbers and by accepting our necklace, you also accept the love of Jesus.

This necklace alone is normally a $29.95 value... and today you get it as our gift when you enroll in our $9 per month membership.

You'll be part of a tight-knit group of Christians just like you.

Simply enter your billing details in the form you see on this page and we will RUSH SHIP your Infinity Necklace to you today!

RISK-FREE Ordering

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
If The Necklace Is Delayed, Doesn't Arrive Or You Simple Don't Like It... We'll Cover The Cost of Shipping and Handling.

Guaranteed Satisfaction Or Get Every Penny Back - No Questions Asked!

Here Are The Specific Details Of Your FREE Necklace

Here Are The Specific Details Of Your FREE Necklace

  • Length: 18.5 Inches
  • Material: Metal
  • Chain Type: Link Chain
  • Pendant Size: 7mm*18mm; 13mm*23mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Am I Getting?
On this page you're being blessed with a necklace when you join our $9 per month online membership. You also have the option to join for $19.95 per month.  You do not get anything extra, it just shows how committed you are to helping our community grow.
When Will I Get My Order
All necklaces are shipped out within 48 hours and arrive within 2 weeks.
Is This Really FREE?  It Seems Too Good To Be True...
YES! This necklace is 100% FREE! (Simply join our $9 per month online membership)
How Do I Contact Support?
Contacting support is simple and easy.  Just email and you'll get a response within 24 hours - Guaranteed!  You can also call 877-660-2202 to speak with a person on the phone 24 hours per day, days per week!
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 24/7 Phone Support Also Available With A REAL Human - Simply Dial 877-660-2202 
(We Pick Up In 3 Rings Or Less!)